Zig Zag Lit Mag is an arts + literature magazine for and by those who live, labor, or loiter in Addison County, Vermont.

Zig Zag was born of a conversation between Muir Haman and A. Jay Dubberly in the Bixby Library one afternoon. Both Muir and Jay had been running writing workshops with increasing interest since 2014, when it occurred to them—maybe other libraries have writing workshops. With all of this raw, publishable content under their noses, they set out to construct a platform for local writers.

For nearly three years Zig Zag has acted as that platform, with our motto, "Read Local. Write Local." at the helm of each issue. We have proudly published dozens of Addison County poets, writers, dramatists, photographers, artists, students, teachers, grandparents, mothers, sisters, brothers, kindergarteners . . . the list goes on.

We are so proud to be a part of this community, and aim to continue our goal of fostering a neighborhood of artists and writers.

Who we are:

  •  A. Jay Dubberly—Founder/Editor in Chief

  • Patrick Willwerth—Principle Reader/Editor

  • Keith Morrill—Senior Editor

  • Maddy Willwerth—Library Liaison

  • ND Rabiega—Website Designer/Communications

  • Yen Keith—Layout Designer/Principle Reader

  • Trish Dougherty—Principle Reader